19/09 - 05/01

Chicago Architecture Biennial with Belgian participants

The Chicago Architecture Biennial is the largest exhibition of contemporary architecture, art and design in North America. It has free exhibitions, performances, tours, films and talks. This year, three Belgian artists also feature in this exhibition.

Belgian artists Vincent Meesen, Sammy Baloji and Filip de Boeck took on the challenge of reimagining the forms of exchange between human activity, technology and the natural world. They tackle many key issues confronting architecture and urbanism today and their stories extend beyond regional and national boundaries to parallel those of other built and natural environments.

Sammy Baloji and Filip de Boeck have already previously collaborated to create exhibitions about city life. Their work is at the intersection of contemporary art and anthropology. Vincent Meesen has already presented films and artworks in museums around the world, including Centre Pompidou (Paris), Venice, Shanghai and many more.

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