14 04 19

Citybooks Haarlem | Andrés Barba

Do you like to travel? Do you like literature? Then citybooks are ideal for you! Short stories from international writers to discover fascinating, not obvious cities. This time it's Andrés Barba's turn.

The Spanish author Andrés Barba will stay in Haarlem from 7 to 19 April. During his residency he will talk to Haarlem about his work, his writing and his experiences in this city.

The program of the afternoon consists of two parts. First Leonor Ruiz Martinez interviews Andrés Barba, on behalf of the Instituto Cervantes, the Spanish literary and cultural centre in the Netherlands. And he talks to Irene van de Mheen, the translator of his latest book.

The second part focuses on getting to know the city. He will incorporate his experiences, encounters and observations in Haarlem into a citybook: a short story, essay or a series of poems.

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