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A Versatile Renaissance Artist from Brussels

In Brussels you can visit a beautiful retrospective of the versatile, successful and innovative Renaissance artist Bernard van Orley (c. 1488-1541) until 26 May. He worked for clients such as Charles V and Margaret of Austria.

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Lieke van der Made Edits Reality

How can we make large, complex issues more manageable? Dutch artist Lieke van der Made discovered that by editing footage, her videos could achieve these ends.

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Demolishing the Stereotypes

White verandas, gently swaying palm trees, indigenous nannies playing with Dutch children in the grass, white men in spotless white uniforms and exotic landscapes. This is a prime example of the image many Dutch people have of the overseas territories during the colonial occupation. But where do these images come from?

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Mark Manders: Artist under the Table

With his creations Mark Manders constructs a universe of his own within the world in which he finds himself. In doing so he makes use of images and language. The archetypical artist is absent in his spaces – and when he's not lying under the table, he's looking down from above at the dioramas that are his own creations. Mark Manders keeps his distance.

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Wayward Authenticity. Paul Van Nevel, Musician and Expert in the Art of Living

More than anyone the Flemish conductor and musician Paul Van Nevel finds himself caught between these two extremes. His career, which now spans almost forty years, is an exciting tight-rope dance between the faithful and the wayward, watched by many and regularly greeted with cries of astonishment and admiration.

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Away from the Dutch Clay. Alize Zandwijk's Theatre

Alize Zandwijk, since 2006 artistic director of the Ro Theatre in Rotterdam, is one of the most interesting theatre directors in the Dutch-speaking world. Her work has by now been seen in many other parts of Europe, yet in her own country it hardly receives the acclaim it deserves. This will probably change now that she also has a foothold in Belgium as a regular guest director at the Royal Flemish Theatre. The odds are, though, that she will move to Germany, following in the footsteps of Luk Perceval and Johan Simons.

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Flemish Popular Film: from 'Cut Loose' to 'Loft'

With Cut Loose (Los), based on the novel by Tom Naegels, Jan Verheyen to some extent distances himself from the broadest conceivable audience and takes on a more social, and therefore less popular, topic. Not long after Cut Loose came the release of Erik Van Looy's long-awaited film Loft. The actualisation and finish of Loft is extremely meticulous, undertaken with great professionalism and with a high production value.

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New Opportunities, New Freedoms. Dutch Animated Film and the Digital Image Culture

In recent years a renaissance in the genre of the short animated film seems to have been taking place in the Netherlands. Never before have there been so many active producers of animation films. This is all to do with the digitisation of the image culture, which is radically changing the way films are produced, distributed and screened. The equipment and techniques for making animated films are becoming more and more user-friendly and also cheaper. Moreover, digitisation allows the makers of animated films to bring the various aspects of film-making increasingly under their own control. Animation is no longer a marginal phenomenon; it is shifting – as Minister of Education, Culture and Science Ronald Plasterk writes in his memorandum on animated film – towards the centre of image culture.

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