The L-Spot
literature Derek Blyth
2 min reading time

Adieu, Adieu

Derek Blyth takes you on micro adventures to L-Spots, hidden and exciting places in the Low Countries. This week he goes on a literary pilgrimage in Willem Elsschot’s Antwerp.

Friday Verses
Mustafa Stitou Tessa-Posthuma-de-Boer
literature Mustafa Stitou
1 min reading time


This week's Friday Verses are written by Mustafa Stitou (b. 1974). We selected 'Palpitations' from the volume 'Mijn gedichten' (Vassallucci, 1998).

literature Paul Vincent
5 min reading time

A New Voice in Dutch Fiction

Martin Michael Driessen has already had a successful theatre career as a director, actor and translator. Now, he establishes himself as an important figure in contemporary Dutch writing.

literature Reinier Salverda
6 min reading time

Swallows and Floating Horses

Lovers of Frisian literature and translation gathered at University College London for an evening of Frisian culture around the great new bilingual anthology Swallows and Floating Horses.

Friday Verses
literature Tjitske Jansen
2 min reading time

The Snow Queen

This week's Friday Verses are written by Tjitske Jansen (b. 1971). We selected 'The Snow Queen' from her debut 'Het moest maar eens gaan sneeuwen' (Podium, 2003).

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