High Road to Culture in Flanders and the Netherlands


High Road to Culture in Flanders and the Netherlands

16 Dutch Books You Need to Read This Spring (2020)

16 Dutch Books You Need to Read This Spring (2020)

Why not read a book by a Dutch or Flemish author? Here you will find a selection of great fiction, poetry and nonfiction recently translated into English, with the support of the Dutch Foundation for Literature or Flanders Literature. You’ll find more books in this database.


Two Blankets, Three Sheets

Author: Rodaan Al Galidi
Translator: Jonathan Reeder
Publisher: WorldEditions
Original title: Hoe ik talent voor het leven kreeg (Jurgen Maas, 2016)

Mazzel Tov

Author: J.S. Margot (Margot Vanderstraeten)
Translator: Jane Hedley-Prole
Publisher: Pushkin Press
Original title: Mazzel Tov (Atlas Contact, 2017)

The Blessed Rita

Author: Tommy Wieringa
Translator: Sam Garrett
Publisher: Scribe
Original title: De heilige Rita (De Bezige Bij, 2017)

The Discomfort of Evening

Author: Marieke Lucas Rijneveld
Translator: Michele Hutchison
Publisher: Faber and Faber
Original title: De avond is ongemak (Atlas Contact, 2018)


Winter in Wartime

Author: Jan Terlouw
Translator: Laura Watkinson
Publisher: New York Review of Books
Original title: Oorlogswinter (Lemniscaat, 1972)

I Wish

Author/illustrator: Toon Tellegen/Ingrid Godon
Translator: David Colmer
Publisher: Elsewhere Editions
Original title: Ik wou (Lannoo, 2011)

The Hunter and His Dog. A Fantastical Journey through the World of Bruegel

Author/illustrator: Sassafras De Bruyn
Publisher: Eerdmans Books
Original title: De jager en zijn hond (Lannoo, 2018)


The Successor. Tiberius and the Triumph of the Roman Empire

Author: Willemijn van Dijk
Translator: Kathleen Brandt/Carey
Publisher: Baylor University Press
Original title: De Opvolger. Tiberius en de triomf van het Romeinse keizerrijk (Ambo|Anthos, 2017)

Hunger. How food shaped the course of the First World War

Author: Rick Blom
Translator: Suzanne Heukensfeldt Jansen
Publisher: Wilfried Laurier University Press
Original title: Honger. Een geschiedenis van de Eerste Wereldoorlog (Lannoo, 2008)

Blood Rush. The Dark History of a Vital Fluid

Author: Jan Verplaetse
Translator: Andy Brown
Publisher: Reaktion Books
Original title: Bloedroes. Over onmodern geluk (Nieuwezijds, 2016)

Young Rembrandt

Author: Onno Blom
Translator: Beverley Jackson
Publisher: Pushkin Press
Original title: De jonge Rembrandt (De Bezige Bij, 2019)

Tuna Wars: Powers Around the Fish We Love to Conserve

Author: Steven Adolf
Translator: Anna Asbury, Suzanne Heukensfeldt Jansen
Publisher: Springer
Original title: De reuzentonijn

Last Stop Auschwitz

Author: Eddy de Wind
Translator: David Colmer
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Original title: Eindstation Auschwitz (Meulenhoff, 2019)

Atlas of the Holocene Netherlands. Landscape and Habitation since the Last Ice Age

Authors: Peter Vos, Jos Bazelmans, Henk Weerts, Michiel van der Meulen
Publisher: Amsterdam University Press
Original title: Atlas van Nederland in het Holoceen (Prometheus 2018)


Chameleon / Nachtroer

Auteur: Charlotte Van den Broeck
Translator: David Colmer
Publisher: Bloodaxe Books
Original title: Nachtroer (De Arbeiderspers, 2017)

Bigger Than the Facts

Author: Jan Baeke
Translator: Antoinette Fawcett
Publisher: Arc Publications
Original title: Groter dan de feiten (De Bezige Bij, 2007)

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