The First Thanksgiving Jean Louis Gerome Ferris
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Thanksgiving Came Via Leiden. The Influence of Holland on the Pilgrim Fathers

It is well known that the American tradition of Thanksgiving originated with the Pilgrim fathers. Less well-known, however, is that the inspiration for that feast came from the Dutch city of Leiden. Indeed, the Pilgrim’s brief stay there was responsible for a number of Dutch influences on modern America.

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history Derek Blyth
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The Long Farewell

Every evening since 1928, a group of buglers has sounded the Last Post in Ypres to honour the soldiers who died in WWI in Flanders Fields.

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society Derek Blyth
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Welcome to Utopia

Utopia is not always an imaginary place. That is what Derek Blyth discovered when he entered the stunning city library of Aalst.

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