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literature Tom Christiaens
3 min reading time

And the Winners Are…

No less than three important literary prizes for Dutch-language writers were announced this week. Awards for literary fiction, a poetry debut and a complete oeuvre.

Corona royals
language Jaap de Jong
11 min reading time

Who Gave the Most Royal Corona Speech?

Many European rulers gave speeches during the corona crisis. How did they infuse their words with power? What meanings did Willem-Alexander’s concerned look and Filip’s stiff facial expression lend to their messages? And who gave the best speech?

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history Philip Noble
8 min reading time

Etty Hillesum: a Life Interrupted, a Spirit Unperturbed

The Amsterdam house where Jewish writer Etty Hillesum wrote her famous diary during WWII is in danger of being demolished. Philippe Noble, who translated her work into French, tells us why the writings she left behind are still as powerful today as they ever were.

0 min reading time

Jeroen Brouwers' Paper Monument

“I should like to make of all my writings, even my failures, of which I'm ashamed, a paper monument, which can, somewhere, still be visited in a landscape where it is forever autumn and everything is draped in cobwebs, long after I am dead and buried. It must be possible to say of that monument: this is the life of Jeroen Brouwers. People will comment that it was full of crinkles and tears when it was put up, but that sentence about that compote and the flies and the rotting fruit isn't bad at all.” Here is a real writer. (With an extract from the novel Dateless Days).

1920 Antwerp Summer Olympic Games Poster
0 min reading time

The Podium for Holland, the Plush Bench for Belgium. The Low Countries and the Olympic Games

Belgium is a structural underpower when it comes to sport. The Netherlands is certain to win its hundreth gold medal at the London 2012 Olympics. On the other hand Belgium has provided two presidents of the International Olympic Committee, Jacques Rogge being the current one. For Dutch successes there are organisational and motivational factors and the simple fact that the native Dutch younger generation are the tallest in the world. But let's be honest: sporting success is consolidating around a few major power blocs.

society Tomas Vanheste
18 min reading time

Belgium Is Europe in Miniature

Belgium has an interim minority government to deal with the corona crisis. The emergency has exacerbated the division in the country. Will Belgium fall apart, or is it actually a laboratory for Europe?

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