High Road to Culture in Flanders and the Netherlands


High Road to Culture in Flanders and the Netherlands


Dreams and Achievements. Theo Jansen's Beach Creatures

They loom on the coastline: huge monsters resembling gigantic crabs or elephants. These arthropods have a timeless, prehistoric-looking form. They move, driven by the wind. They have no need of food; they derive their energy from the wind....


A Great Language. Why do Foreigners Learn Dutch?

If you want to study Dutch, you no longer need to travel to the Netherlands or Flanders. All over the world, interest in the Dutch language is growing. By 2005, Dutch will be taught at approximately 220 universities in more than 40 countrie...


A Dialogue not a Directive. A Canon of Dutch History

In 2005 the Dutch Minister of Education Maria van der Hoeven set up a commission with the task of establishing a canon of Dutch history. Now that the canon is actually in existence, the initial sceptics seem rather more positively inclined....


Friday Verses

Every other Friday we treat you to beautiful verses by a poet from Flanders or the Netherlands. Sometimes an old forgotten poem, but mostly fresh verses by a young or unpublished poet.

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