High Road to Culture in Flanders and the Netherlands


High Road to Culture in Flanders and the Netherlands


Mystical White Images of Man. On the Work of Johan Tahon

Johan Tahon’s hybrid plaster sculptures with human features now attract the attention of the international art scene. Influenced by Rodin, Brancusi and Lehmbruck, he tries to evoke man’s tormented and wavering nature in his sculptures.


Hazy Memories. Notes on the Work of Bert de Beul

Bert de Beul's intimate paintings are a nostalgic evocation of memories and associations from his past. The viewer should not look for an underlying message or contentious cultural symbols. In his paintings De Beul goes in search of intangi...


The Cuckoo in the Artistic Nest. The Work of Jef Geys

The Flemish art-tsar Jan Hoet is said to have once called him ‘more a social worker than an artist’. It seems that after that relations between Hoet and Jef Geys never really recovered. The fact is that, throughout his long career, Geys ha...

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