Gear Up! The History of Cycling

Why are the Dutch so crazy about cycling? We tell you all about it in the first episode of The Low Countries Radio.


99% of Dutch History

Join us on our journey throughout the history of the Netherlands. We start in so-called "pre-history".


Charles in Charge

On our journey exploring the history of the Low Countries, we can't forget the 'Father of Europe': Charlemagne or Charles the Great.


The Low Countries Radio

The Low Countries Radio is a podcast series, celebrating Flemish and Dutch history and culture, and its impact on the world today. The Low Countries Radio is a collaboration between Republic of Amsterdam Radio and The Low Countries website.


History of the Netherlands

Join us on an epic journey exploring the history of a region in the northwest of Europe known as ‘the lowlands’, which roughly includes today’s Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and bits of northern France. We present you with a chronologica...

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