Attractive Articles and a Functional Website. Your Opinion on the Low Countries

Attractive Articles and a Functional Website. Your Opinion on the Low Countries

High-quality content and a user-friendly website, but more articles about language and history. These are some of the conclusions we can draw from the survey we presented to you about our website.

At the end of May, we launched a survey to gain more insight into the quality and user-friendliness of our website. This way we can make it even better. We asked your opinion about the content and user experience of our website. We collected, analysed and summarised the results and are happy to share them with you.

More history and language

As far as content is concerned, the low countries distinguishes itself sufficiently from other websites. The vast majority of the respondents (92%) agrees on this. The same majority indicates that they find our articles (very) fascinating. However, most respondents would like to see more articles about history and language. More than three quarters also think that we should offer reports and interviews and just over half indicates that they are also interested in video and podcasts.

We also received spontaneous suggestions on how to improve the website. Some respondents say that more videos and interviews should be published to complement the existing articles, as long as they are as in-depth as our other information.

Good readability

88% of the respondents appreciate our website as very user-friendly. The articles are easy to read, registration or logging in usually goes smoothly and the information searched for is easily found.

Remarks about how we can make the website even more user-friendly? Some people think that the homepage looks a bit too busy. And some suggest that we put articles in categories such as 'best reads', 'just in' or 'most popular'.

We'll get to work with all the feedback and suggestions. Thank you for your participation.

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