Christoph Fink's Travel Accounts . Aesthetics of the Contemporary Worldview
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Christoph Fink's Travel Accounts . Aesthetics of the Contemporary Worldview

(Filip Luyckx) The Low Countries - 2006, № 14, pp. 65-71

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Amongst modern Flemish artists who have an original approach to the theme of travel, Christoph Fink (1963-) is a name that cannot go unrecorded. Recent exhibitions in Cleveland, Ohio, and at The Drawing Center in New York confirm the international interest in his work. Travel has a great deal to do with abandoning our familiar categorisation of time and space and going in search of new horizons, with the aim of accelerating our experiences or slowing them down. A number of phases can be distinguished in the works of Christoph Fink. As spectators we have access only to the final installation, which does, however, document the preceding elements meticulously. Fink first maps out a journey between a point of departure and a final destination, by way of a number of checkpoints such as large roads, towns or mountain peaks. This already serves to establish a narrative thread, along which he can structure all his observations. As he cycles or walks along this route, his path is certainly subject to the varying nature of the terrain and the circumstances. The precise route to be followed between the checkpoints depends partly on chance. This makes the course of the journey unpredictable, but also fascinating.

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