High Road to Culture in Flanders and the Netherlands


High Road to Culture in Flanders and the Netherlands

Dutch Term For 'Greedflation' Has Been Voted Word Of The Year 2023
© Pixabay / Gerd Altmann
© Pixabay / Gerd Altmann © Pixabay / Gerd Altmann

Dutch Term For 'Greedflation' Has Been Voted Word Of The Year 2023

Graaiflatie, the Dutch term for inflation driven by corporations using excessive price increases as a means to boost their profits, was selected as the 2023 Word of the Year in Flanders and the Netherlands.

The term is influenced by the English neologism ‘greedflation’, and is defined by the Dutch dictionary publisher Van Dale as a form of inflation fuelled by “companies that fully or excessively pass on the cost increase of raw materials, means of production and labour to consumers to maintain or increase their profits.”

Graaiflatie succeeds klimaatklever (climate sticker) as Word of the Year, which refers to activists who hang, attach or stick themselves to objects to draw attention to the climate crisis.

The annual title Word of the Year has been handed out since 2007 by Dutch dictionary publisher Van Dale, and is conducted in the form of a contest where the public can choose from ten different entries. 15,000 people in the Low Countries cast their vote this year.

Vreugdebier came in second in the contest in the Netherlands. “Joy beer” refers to glasses of beer which football supporters throw onto the pitch from the stands because they were pleased with a goal.

Nepobaby wound up in second place in Flanders and in third place in the Netherlands. The word is shortened from the English term "nepotism baby." It refers to someone whose job, especially in the entertainment or creative industries, is claimed to be due to their famous parent(s) who also worked in the industry.

Bronze went to pyjamatoerist (pyjama tourist) in Flanders. It is used for a tourist who stays in the same place for some time.

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