One Foot in America. Antwerp and the Emigrants of the Red Star Line
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One Foot in America. Antwerp and the Emigrants of the Red Star Line

(Erwin Joos) The Low Countries - 2006, № 14, pp. 282-285

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The Belgian shipping company the Red Star Line was established in 1872 with rich industrialists from Pennsylvania as its principal shareholders. The company worked exclusively with steamships (some of which still had auxiliary sails) sailing between Philadelphia and Antwerp. Within a year it added another line, to New York. Its first steamship, the Vaderland sailed from Antwerp for her maiden voyage on 20 January 1873. Soon, in January 2008, the MAS (Museum aan de Stroom) Museum in Antwerp will open its doors. Aldermen Heylen and Van Campenhout of Antwerp want the old Red Star Line buildings to be a permanent part of the historical heritage of the old dockland area. In and around the complex American tourists will be told the intriguing story of the long journey of their forefathers who found, when they reached Antwerp in about 1900, that they already had one foot in America...

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