High Road to Culture in Flanders and the Netherlands


High Road to Culture in Flanders and the Netherlands

The Top 5 Society Stories of the Year
Best Of 2019

The Top 5 Society Stories of the Year

1. The Silent Rise of the Podcast in the Low Countries

The podcast is extremely popular in the Anglo-Saxon world. What about its popularity in Flanders and the Netherlands, now that both public broadcasters and major news brands focus on podcasting? Audio storyteller Eva Moeraert gives a state of affairs.

2. How Ugly Duckling Rotterdam Turned into a Graceful Swan

Rotterdam used to be a tough industrial city. Not any longer. It’s now got the energy of New York combined with the liveability of Copenhagen. Join Derek Blyth for a city walk.

3. Why Flanders Is Mad about Cycling

Flanders has been synonymous with bicycle racing for many years. However, is cycling truly ‘ours’, as one popular Flemish newspaper keeps claiming? Journalist and cycling enthusiast Rik Van Puymbroeck channels his inner ‘flandrien’ in an attempt to find out whether cycling is actually in Flanders’ DNA.

4. The Noble Beauty of the Terraced House

No house is more Dutch than the terraced house. Yet this type of architecture has only recently come to be valued as it should. Time to redress the balance and rehabilitate a traditional Dutch phenomenon.

5. A Museum of Compromise

After five years of renovation and decolonisation, the AfricaMuseum in Tervuren is open for business again. Dutch writer of Congolese descent, Kiza Magendane visited the museum with mixed feelings.

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