High Road to Culture in Flanders and the Netherlands


High Road to Culture in Flanders and the Netherlands


The Everyday is Good. The Novels of Koen Peeters

Whether it be in the nearby rural Kempen, the Europe of managers and bureaucrats or distant Ruanda, Peeters’ literary universe expresses an unclamorous devotion to the small and the everyday. The postmodern mocker has turned into a serious...


Belgium Is Europe in Miniature

Belgium has an interim minority government to deal with the corona crisis. The emergency has exacerbated the division in the country. Will Belgium fall apart, or is it actually a laboratory for Europe?


Ecologist Marten Scheffer Recognises no Boundaries

This scientist (born 1958) analyses the emergence of deserts as easily as the collapse of the stock market. Scheffer demonstrates that in these two totallydifferent systems the same warning lights go on on the eve of a major change.


Douwe Draaisma and the Mysteries of Autobiographical Memory

Why does time seem to speed as we get older? Can you think without images? How do the memories of mathematical prodigies function? The Groningen professor in the history of psychology Draaisma sinks his teeth in precisely these questions. S...


The Bluebirds of Ghent. One of Europe’s Hidden Gems?

It would be much too pessimistic to decide that Ghent has no surprises anymore or that the city has been sanitized and neutralized. If you stroll around the city you are bound to come unexpectedly upon architectural pearls from the many di...

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