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High Road to Culture in Flanders and the Netherlands

Writer Arnon Grunberg Awarded Johannes Vermeer Prize
© Sander Voerman
© Sander Voerman © Sander Voerman

Writer Arnon Grunberg Awarded Johannes Vermeer Prize

Writer Arnon Grunberg wins this year’s Johannes Vermeer Prize, the Dutch State Prize for the Arts. The jury nominated him unanimously. Grunberg (b. 1971) receives the prize because of his exceptional significance for the Dutch arts. According to the jury, he has ‘undeniably had a great influence on his generation with his literary contributions.’

The jury praised the power of Grunberg's voice and the recognizability of his writing. 'He manages to give all the genres he practices his own completely recognizable, frequently imitated but inimitable, voice. After three sentences you know he is speaking, which is a rare quality.'

Grunberg writes novels, philosophical essays, columns and journalistic reports, In this he examines what threatens humanity, he puts the finger on the sore spot. The jury notes: ‘Arnon Grunberg is a strong thinker, and a courageous writer. He is among the most important, versatile and influential artists of today.'

The Johannes Vermeer Prize is intended for artists who work in the Netherlands, from different disciplines. The Dutch government established the prize in 2008 to honour and encourage exceptional artistic talent. It is the first time the award, which is worth 100,000 euros, has been given to a writer.

The prize will be presented on Wednesday 16 November by State Secretary for Culture Uslu.


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