Dieter De Schutter: King

Dieter De Schutter drew a graphic story inspired by the masked figure on a ferry in a 370-year-old river landscape. ‘I can never step out of line.’


Bart Decroos: The Idyll

Bart Decroos wrote a short story inspired by a 1708 drawing by Dirk Valkenburg, entitled ‘View of a Mill and Cook-house on a Plantation in Surinam’.


Obe Alkema: Festoon of Fruits and Flowers

Obe Alkema gives the floor to a festoon of fruits and flowers: ‘We’re fruit, flora, authentic. We want to be seen the way Yotam Ottolenghi sees us.’


Edna Azulay: night owls

Edna Azulay has composed an ode to the intoxication of 'The Drunken Couple' by Jan Steen.


Malika Soudani: A Woman

Malika Soudani gives a voice to 'Portrait of a woman' by Frans Hals. ‘I wonder if they called it that because it’s a good title or because they’ve forgotten my name.’


Jasmijn Post: The Corset

Jasmijn Post brings the painting 'The Love Letter' by Johannes Vermeer to life. We listen to a woman whose feelings are restricted by social conventions.


Amarylis De Gryse: Ordinary Men

Amarylis De Gryse got inspired by the painting 'The Company of Captain Albert Bas and Lieutenant Lucas Conijn'. She explores the inner life of a militiaman.


Sanne Pieters: Milked Out

A still life with cheese, that’s all Sanne Pieters needs to dissect gender roles. ‘I watch you a lot: you and that favourite cow of yours.'


Shimanto Reza: Lines

Shimanto Reza wrote a letter inspired by a map of the Bay of Bengal from around 1695.

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