High Road to Culture in Flanders and the Netherlands


High Road to Culture in Flanders and the Netherlands


Tour of Flanders

You may know the beautiful art cities Bruges, Antwerp, Ghent and Brussels. But Flanders also has many other places that are well worth a visit. In this series, British journalist Derek Blyth crosses through the provinces and discovers the communities, traditions and sights of smaller towns. Curious about what these places have to offer? Join Derek on his ‘Tour of Flanders’.
With the support of the Flemish Government

2019 carnaval carnavalswagen carnavalskoppen close mooi beeld Cameraad 12 HR min
society Derek Blyth
14 min reading time

Peeling the Onion in Aalst

On a visit to the Flemish city of Aalst, Derek Blyth discovers a Carnival parade that likes to shock, a priest that took on the factory bosses and a utopian library.

history Derek Blyth
13 min reading time

Genk Mines Its Own Business

On a visit to the Flemish city of Genk, Derek Blyth discovers restored coal mines, cosmopolitan chickens and one of the world’s great love songs.

Grote Markt met ballons Sint Niklaas 2
society Derek Blyth
10 min reading time

Sinterklaas Is Comin’ to Town

On a visit to the Flemish city of Sint-Niklaas, Derek Blyth discovers the largest market square in Belgium, the biggest cigar in the world and the greatest atlas ever printed.

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society Derek Blyth
16 min reading time

Ypres Marches On

On a visit to the Flemish city of Ypres, Derek Blyth discovers a museum dedicated to the horror of war, a beer brewed in an underground fortification and a nightly ceremony that might go on for ever.

Leuven stadhuis 10418 xl
society Derek Blyth
18 min reading time

The Leuven Is Easy

On a visit to the university town of Leuven, Derek Blyth discovers one of Europe’s smartest cities, some of Belgium’s best bars and a walk that takes you to the edge of time.

DSC 1344
society Derek Blyth
13 min reading time

A Sea Change in Ostend

On a visit to the Flemish coastal town of Ostend, Derek Blyth discovers grand architecture, a world-famous soul singer and the perfect shrimp croquette.

Dimpna altaarstuk Paneel 2
society Derek Blyth
12 min reading time

Mad about Geel

On a trip to Geel, Derek Blyth discovers a murdered Irish saint, a community that cares for strangers, and a mellow city that is simply crazy about reggae.

Maneschijn dewolkendirigent c Miriam Van Damme
society Derek Blyth
16 min reading time

Ode to Mechelen

On a trip to Mechelen, Derek Blyth discovers lost mediaeval rivers, Beethoven’s Flemish roots and the world’s oldest carillon school.

Jenever kopie
society Derek Blyth
11 min reading time

Don’t Worry, Be Hasselt

On a trip to the capital of the Belgian province of Limburg, Derek Blyth finds comforting food, innovative architecture and 25 places to be happy.

Jaarmarkt a 1932 stad Vilvoorde min
society Derek Blyth
15 min reading time

Horsing Around in Vilvoorde

Derek Blyth discovers a monument to an English martyr, a traditional horsemeat restaurant and a waterfront that looks like Brooklyn.

Peloton cafe
society Derek Blyth
14 min reading time

Gear Up For Oudenaarde

Derek Blyth discovers a battlefield that shaped European history, a cafe dedicated to cycle racing and a tapestry with a secret message.

Zimmertoren Jubelklok c Visit Lier min
society Derek Blyth
14 min reading time

The Sweet Pleasures of Lier

Derek Blyth discovers a wedding that changed history, the world’s most complex clock and some of life’s sweet pleasures.

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