High Road to Culture in Flanders and the Netherlands


High Road to Culture in Flanders and the Netherlands


Gear Up! The History of Cycling

Why are the Dutch so crazy about cycling? We tell you all about it in the first episode of The Low Countries Radio.


The Netherlands Gets on its Bike

If you had to take one photo that summed up the Netherlands as the average foreigner sees it, what would it show? Queen Beatrix in clogs, cycling past a row of windmills, with the glassy eyes of dozens of cows staring at her in astonishment...


Footballs, Bikes and Heroes. Johan Cruijff and Eddy Merckx

Heroics of yore with a Belgian on wheels and a Dutchman on the pitch: Eddy Merckx, the finest cyclist in the country, of all generations, all countries, and Johan Cruijff, the football player without parallel, unsurpassed in all his feats o...


Why Flanders Is Mad about Cycling

Flanders has been synonymous with bicycle racing for many years, but is cycling truly ‘ours’, as one popular Flemish newspaper keeps claiming?


Utrecht Is More Than the Birthplace of a Cute Rabbit

Utrecht is so much more than a pleasant day trip from Amsterdam. Discover its picturesque canals, lively pub culture, the world’s largest bike parking garage and a cute little rabbit that pops up everywhere in town.


When the Red Devils Kicked For Gold

At the 1920 Summer Olympics in Antwerp, Belgium became the worlds best football team by winning gold after a controversial match against Czechoslovakia.


Via Belgica

Wieland De Hoon explores the ancient Roman road from Boulogne to Cologne by bike in four stages. 450 kilometres Via Belgica through northern France, Flanders, Wallonia, South Limburg and North Rhine-Westphalia.


The Batavian Athens or The Rapenburg and its Surroundings

Leiden is characterised not only by the Netherlands' oldest and most famous university and a number of associated museums of international renown, but also by what it lacks. Visit its almshouses, read its verses on the walls in several lang...


The Rediscovery of the Bicycle

Mobility policy in France, Belgium and the Netherlands is making way for the bicycle, with Groningen as a founding example.


Meliza de Vries: Grown-Up

This week's Friday Verses are written by Meliza de Vries. We translated her poem ‘Grown-Up’.


The L-Spot

You think you know Flanders and the Netherlands. But take it from us, you haven’t seen anything yet. British journalist Derek Blyth takes you on microadventures to L-Spots, hidden and exciting places in the Low Countries.


A Whiter Shade of Car

The bicycle and car sharing that we know today can be traced back to the ‘White Bicycles’ and ‘White Cars’ initiated by the Provo movement.


Smoked Sausages and Sensible Knickers

Whoever visits the Netherlands, can't ignore them. Sooner or later you walk into one of the 550 Hema shops to buy a bicycle bell, sandwich or stapler. The brand is as Dutch as the tulip.


Gear Up For Oudenaarde

Derek Blyth discovers a battlefield that shaped European history, a cafe dedicated to cycle racing and a tapestry with a secret message.


The Lost Cemeteries of 1917

The small cemeteries in and around Ypres provide a unique way of understanding the First World War.


Don’t Worry, Be Hasselt

On a trip to the capital of the Belgian province of Limburg, Derek Blyth finds comforting food, innovative architecture and 25 places to be happy.


Tourists, Go Home!

Tourism is increasingly becoming more of a curse than a blessing in Amsterdam, Bruges, Maastricht and numerous other places in the Low Countries.


Solidarity Is the Highest Form of Culture

The Flemish government has proposed severe cuts in arts funding over the next few years. In 2011, the cultural sector in the Netherlands was forced to make do with a budget cut of about 200 million euro. What can the Flemish artists learn f...


With Eddy Merckx to the Moon

Fifty years ago, Eddy Merckx won his first Tour de France, a few moments later the first man set foot on the moon.


The Best at Being Alone

Author Daniel Rovers thinks there is something wrong with the way loneliness is often written about.


The Sweet Pleasures of Lier

Derek Blyth discovers a wedding that changed history, the world’s most complex clock and some of life’s sweet pleasures.

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